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     We are your number #1 supplier of Apple parts. Big or small, you name it we’ve got it at competitive prices.

We have been in the business of MacBook repair for 10+ years. Our experienced technicians are highly adept at fixing any sort of problems ranging from virus removal, spills, broken keys / screens, to logic board malfunctions. Customer happiness and satisfaction is our priority.

If you are unsure or anything, or have any questions, please feel free to head towards our contact page / FAQ and send us an email or see if your question has already been answered there.

Finally our motto is: No fix, no charge.


Below you will find the vast array of services that we offer and the relevant pricing for each respective service. Want something fixed but don’t see it listed? Feel free to contact us and someone will respond within the next 48 hours with a quote and steps on how to proceed.

Is your computer no working but have no idea why? Have no fear! We will repair any MacBook problem for a flat rate of $200*. Just fill out the following form providing your address, a description of issue, send in your MacBook, and we will attempt to fix the problem as best as we can and as soon as possible.

*Please note that some repairs may be extremely extensive and may not be fixable for the allotted price of $200. In that case we may contact you with instructions on how to proceed. Worst case scenario, we will send you back your laptop in its original condition after initial inspection and refund you your money. No fix means no charge.